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We offer many Skill Development and Brain Development programs for kids. As we believe at an early age kids' brains can be developed through many activities like Abacus Brain Development Program, Vedic Mathematics, and Kid's Spoken English and Many activities.

have a Look at what we Provide at our JEC Abacus Academy, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad. 

Abacus Brain Development Program

Benefits to Students

  • Retained Learning: Needs less revision for all subjects. Saves 40% of exam preparation time.

  • Improved Confidence: With success in a tough subject like mathematics student feels more confident about everything else in life.

  • Brilliant Results: Once the bottleneck of math gets cleared, students work on other subjects in a better way.

  • Easier Learning: All Ascent Abacus & Brain Gym techniques help children by motivating them to take studies as fun.

  • Other Subjects: Geography, History, English, Science all becomes easier with Photographic Memory.


Abacus Level

Kido Level

This is suitable for 1st to 2nd std 

Includes 4 level with 4  Books


Proton Level

This is Suitable for 3rd to 5th std

Includes  6 level with 12 books


Neutron Level

This is suitable for 6th to 9th std  

Includes  6 level with 12 books


Abacus Brain Development Techniques

  • Imagination 

  • Speed Writing 

  • Chison Bop

  • Abacus 

  • Mental Maths

  • Vedic maths

Benefits To Parents

No More Tuitions: Once the
the child starts using the Right Brain, they won’t need tuition.
•Firm Foundation: Earlier the child learns Abacus the better foundation he builds. This will help him throughout his life.

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