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Abacus Education Mental Maths




12 Months

About the Course

The Need Of Mental Arithmetic For Children's Abacus Is A Popular Tool Used For Doing Mathematical Calculations With Fast Speed And Accuracy. It’s The Most Simple And Practical Way To Learn Arithmetic & Developing One’s Brainpower. Abacus Uses Math As The Base Subject. It’s The Earliest Calculation Device Of The World. Abacus Has A Frame With Colorful Beads Mounted On Rods On It That Are Used For Counting & Doing The Mathematical Operations. Each Bead Has Got A Value. Moving The BeadsbUp And Down Do The Calculations. Abacus Has Proven To Be An Ultimate

Brain Development Program For Children. It Is The Foundation For A Strong Mathematical Aptitude & Improves Concentration In All Areas. As We Need Physical Exercise For Physical Fitness, Similarly We Need Mental Exercise For Brain Development And Mental Well-Being. Mental Arithmetic Helps

Children Become More:- • Competent • Confident • Improve Their Overall Abilities • Concentration In All Areas

Your Instructor

Falguni Goswami

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Falguni Goswami
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