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ABACUS Education Mental Maths

Teach Them Mental Arithmetic

Greater Concentration

Keene Listening Skills

Better Reflexes

Better Application Skills

Improved Analytical Skills

Better Creative and Imaginative Skills

Improved Reading, Writing, and Learning Skills

Better memory

Sharper Observation

More Self-confidence

Improved Endurance

Better Way of Expression

Better Comprehension and 
Calculation Skills

Why Choose 

 The Need Of  Mental Arithmetic For Children's Abacus Is A Popular Tool Used For Doing Mathematical Calculations With Fast Speed And Accuracy. It’s The Most Simple And Practical Way To Learn Arithmetic & Developing One’s Brainpower. Abacus Uses Math As The Base Subject. 
It’s The Earliest Calculation Device Of The World. Abacus Has A Frame With 
Colorful Beads Mounted On Rods On It That Are Used For Counting & Doing 
The Mathematical Operations. Each Bead Has Got A Value. Moving The Beads
Up And Down Do The Calculations. Abacus Has Proven To Be An Ultimate 
Brain Development Program For Children. It Is The Foundation For A Strong 
Mathematical Aptitude & Improves Concentration In All Areas. As We Need
Physical Exercise For Physical Fitness, Similarly We Need Mental Exercise 
For Brain Development And Mental Well-Being. Mental Arithmetic Helps 
Children Become More:- • Competent • Confident • Improve Their Overall 
Abilities • Concentration In All Areas

Programme Details and 
Important of Abacus

1.   Important  of our Abacus program is to enable students to perform 

     Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division mentally with speed
    and accuracy without using pen and paper. This bears long term 
    benefits and improves academic performance. 
2.  To strengthen and improve basic mathematical calculation ability of 
    all students, e.g., from average/ below average to a bright student.
3.  To achieve this in maximum 2 years.
4.  To improve concentration power of students in other subjects as well. 
5.  To increase Monthly income of your Education center with no extra cost 
     and putting no extra burden on teachers.

A Complete Brain 
Development Program

Benefits of
ABACUS for Children

Abacus helps in Removing the fear & phobia of mathematics 
Developing Concentration 360” 
Brain Development 
Improving Memory 
Generating Self Confidence 


The human brain starts to develop at the age of 
3 years and extends to 100% between the age of 
5-14 years. At 5 years the child has a very absorbent
mind. Their mind is fresh and free from all the 
responsibilities and tensions of life. Therefore we 
believe in nourishing an absorbent mind.


Children will adopt a skill to do the 
calculations swiftly which will provide them 
an edge in the future to succeed in competitive 
exam like CAT, IIT, PMT, ETC. 


JEC Abacus Activities


Kidos      (Age Group : 4 to 7 year) Kg  to 1st  std. 
Proton    (Age Group : 8 to 12year) 2nd to 6th std. 
Neutron  (Age Group : 13 to 16  year) 7th to 10th std. 



Benefits Using Your Imagination Will Bring
You will develop greater clarity. ...
You will reduce stress and improve your overall health. ...
You will improve your ability to solve problems. ...
You will increase your capacity to see situations from multiple angles. ...
You will speed up the achievement of your goals.


Benefits of writing faster
You don't have to actively concentrate on the act of writing itself, but on thinking
about what to write.
You can write your thoughts down immediately as you are forming them, without 
suffering from a delay which hinders your thought process.

Increase Your writing speed in all subject with accuracy 



Chisenbop or chisanbop, sometimes called Finger math, is an abacus-like finger
counting method used to perform basic mathematical operations.


ABACUS (BOOK+ Instrumental)

The Abacus, Also Called A Counting Frame, Is A Calculating Tool Which Has Been 
Used Since Ancient Times. It Was Used In The Ancient Near East, Europe, China, 
And Russia, Centuries Before The Adoption Of The Hindu-arabic Numeral System.

Listening activities.jpg

Enhancing the Attention span of them and Concentration Skills significantly
Enhancing their Visualization skills (Recalling the images – of objects and the situations)
Enhancing their Listening skills.
Summarizing and Estimation skills




Vedic mathematics Fasten your maths 1500 Times. It will 
also beneficial to appear entrance exam’s in future.     

Speed Writing
Chisen Bop
Abacus Book
Mental Maths Abacus
Concentration & Puzzels
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