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Jyoti Education Care is an Educational Institution which is served multiple programs of education, benefits students It is affiliated with Central Education & Information Technology Research Committee which is Govt. Reg & autonomous body ISO 21001:2018 Certified organizations under this JEC provide Quality Education and programs. Jyoti Education Care is an Educational based company committed to children's Brain & Skill development programs. JEC is a team of Qualified and dedicated educationists in the Brain & Skills Development of Children. Our R&D Team comprises experienced & dynamic MBAs & academicians who have developed very unique & comprehensive Skills & Brain Development programs for school-going students. Our objective is to introduce well-researched, need-based, quality, and skill development programs for children in the age group of 5 years and above. We are young & talented professionals in Abacus, Vedic Maths, Handwriting Improvement, and Calligraphy Programs.


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Never compare your child with other children who are doing better in some field (Remember every child has his/her strong points, in place of pointing out the weaknesses, identify the strong point  of your child)

These are proven techniques to develop your child’s behavior to polish and nurture his/her inbuilt strong points to keep them ahead in life. We are having 15 years of work experience in the educational field. We have taught in more than 30+ Schools. So we are giving you this technique to help you to guide your child in a positive direction.    
                                                    - Falguni Goswami
                                          CEO (Jyoti Education Care)




In today’s competitive world, the speed with accuracy in any competition has become a deciding factor in the selection process. Students have to be fast enough to complete the paper with maximum accuracy. There are certain skills, which are a must for any competitive examination. Unfortunately, these skills are not part of the curriculum prescribed by various boards, / examinations. These skill are: -   
Emotional Quotient
Concentration & Focus
Speed & Efficiency in performing a task
Better memory
Keen observation skills
Analytical Skills

The Jyoti Education Care is willing to train students to acquire these skills through Mental Maths programs. Mental Maths is an advanced form of training aimed at training a student to perform arithmetic calculations, without the use of a calculator or paper/pencil. There are various ways to train a student to perform mental calculations. Two of the most important and popular Mental Maths techniques are : 

Abacus Based Mental Maths
Vedic Mathematics based Metal Maths


  • JEC Abacus Brain Development Academy is India’s Fastest Growing Abacus Education Company, based at Chandkheda, Ahmedabad. 

  • With Abacus training the results can be seen instantly.  We train kids for this.

  • The ease of learning and the instant increase of speed, due to simplification of number understanding.

  • Within six months of training, we can see the overall improvement in children.

  • The accuracy & speed can be seen in ten minutes.

  • The results are not limited to Math. Abacus improve overall performance in all subjects viz. Science, History, Geography, English etc.

Vedic Mathematics Education

  • Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Mathematics. Vedic means derived from

  • Vedas  It was rediscovered by Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaja (1884-1960).

  • Based on Simple Mathematical Formulae From the Vedas, it's a unique technique of calculations with which

  • any mathematical problem can be solved mentally, 10-15 times faster than conventional methods. Vedic

  • maths is an ancient Indian, the world’s fastest Calculating System. It enables calculation ten times faster than

  • the conventional system. It is an elaboration of the Sixteen Sutras (and 13 Sub-Sutras) of the Vedic

  • calculating system as mentioned in the Ancient Vedas of India. These were rediscovered by Shri Bharti

  • Krishna Tirathji between the year 1911- 18. Vedic Mathematics aims to simplify all arithmetic operations,

  • so as to facilitate students in making calculations with ease, accuracy & speed.

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